This Is… Our Shot

While the nation is learning how to survive an unprecedented rise in Republican power, Democrats in North Carolina are on a comeback. After electing a Democratic Governor and Supreme Court, the General Assembly has to be our next target. A Democratic legislature could implement non-partisan redistricting reform, leading to a more balanced representation in Congress.

There is so much energy being put into organizing right now, and Our Shot is my effort to help everyone move towards the eventual goal of electoral victories. But this isn’t about me. This is OUR Shot. We need your energy, talents, and resources. Everything we do will come with a Call to Action for you! Thank you for all that you are going to do!

Episode 1: This is Our Shot

  1. BECOME A CANDIDATE: Sign up with the NCDP Pipeline Project to express your interest in running for office. We need legislative candidates as well as candidates for municipal races on the 2017 ballot. Register with for “Getting Ready to Run” candidate training or check out the great resources at
  2. MOBILIZE VOTERS: Sign up with your local Democratic Party and start making contact with your community right now. Keep mobilizing through 2017 Election Day as we roll into the 2018 election cycle.
  3. DONATIONS MATTER: Make a sustaining contribution of $17 per month or more to help us recruit, and support candidates this year. If you like Our Shot and want us to keep going, we’re going to need your support to turn ideas into action.

Episode 2: Messaging and Mobilizing

  1. MESSAGING: Speak from your values first. Start every political conversation by clarifying the values that are the roots for your beliefs. Practice. Practice. Practice.
  2. MOBILIZING: Pick an advocacy organization to support and help. Follow their lead on how to advocate on the issues they address. Some organizations you might consider include:
  3. SUSTAINING: Donate! Support the organization from #2. If you like Our Shot, consider making a sustaining contribution of $17 per month.

Episode 3: Evolution or Revolution?


  1. MESSAGING – PREACH THE DEMOCRATIC REVIVAL: We need to change the national narrative about North Carolina from the embarrassment of HB2 to telling the story about the Democratic Revival that is underway. In fact, North Carolina has a critical role to play in the national push back against Trumpism. Share this Medium blog post that Graig wrote on all of your social media channels.
  2. MOBILIZING – REVITALIZING THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY:  You can help to begin voter mobilization right now by using the North Carolina Democratic Party’s County Connect tool. Click on the “Take Action: Talk to Your Neighbors” link about 3/4 of the way down the page. Use this great tool to start contacting Democratic voters in your area. This tool is probably best when a precinct group or other grassroots gathering uses it together. Consider what you can do to organize regular voter outreach phone banks. If you can knock doors for voter outreach, contact to find out how to use County Connect and an app called MiniVAN to do this door-to-door. We need to begin engaging and mobilizing voters today for the 2017 and 2018 elections! (Also, County Connect will help you contact your elected officials and local party officers.)
  3. SUSTAINING: Hopefully tonight’s guests renewed your faith in the North Carolina Democratic Party. This month’s sustaining request is for you to donate to the NCDP to help them build our infrastructure towards next year’s elections.

Episode 4: Grassroots Organizing

  1. MESSAGING – INVITE PEOPLE FROM REAL LIFE TO JOIN ONLINE: If you’re already connected with an Indivisible chapter or another grassroots online group, ask your real life friends to join you! These organizations are doing a fantastic job of demystifying politics and helping people find ways to make a difference. If you’re looking for someplace to get involved, let us recommend Everyone’s NC as a good point of entry.
  2. MOBILIZING – CONNECT YOUR ONLINE GROUP TO REAL WORLD ORGANIZATIONS:  While organizing online is a great way to gather people, our real change work will have to happen in the real world. Connect your online group to real world organizing through or the North Carolina Democratic Party County Connect tool. What your group is doing now should be helping people get ready to work for candidates in 2018!
  3. SUSTAINING – ASK YOUR MEMBERS TO DONATE: We understand the desire for people to engage without the pressure of donating, but realistically Democratic campaigns need to be financed by grassroots money. If your group wants assistance with raising funds that will make an impact, the Our Shot NC PAC would love to help you.

Episode 5: Alternate Reality

We tried a new format this show, so there’s not the same clear 3 Call To Action Steps in the show. But here are some things you may want to check out:

  1. OUR SHOT PAC: Jackie Dzau joined us to introduce the Our Shot NC PAC. Four “activist moms” are launching this fundraising organization that will focus on helping build a new Democratic majority in the North Carolina General Assembly. Check them out to see how you can help!
  2. JAY CHAUDHURI:  Follow Sen. Jay Chaudhuri on Facebook and see his bill
  3. ERICA SMITH-INGRAM: Follow Sen. Erica Smith-Ingram on Facebook.

What’s Next?

This needs to be a collective movement. Help my team figure out what comes next. What should we talk about next on Our Shot? Send your ideas to me via Facebook, Twitter, or Email!