Rep. Graig Meyer Leads Call for State Board of Elections to Make Voter Registration Form Adjustments


Representative Graig Meyer, along with other House and Senate Democratic members of the General Assembly, sent a letter to the State Board of Elections Director, Kim Strach on March 21, 2019 requesting changes to the voter registration form. In their letter to Ms. Strach, the legislators cited data that indicates possible confusion surrounding instructions about how to fill out the address portion of the registration form that may have led to some student voters having their ballots rejected.

The legislators wanted to make Ms. Strach and the members of the State Board of Elections aware of the high percentage of ballot rejections that occurred in counties with colleges and universities. In addition, the Democratic House and Senate members had several specific questions for the NCSBE about this issue in the hopes that the NCSBE would take a closer look at the problems, provide answers and develop a plan to address the issue and prevent student ballot rejections in future elections.

Rep. Graig Meyer Ltr to State Board of Elec.